Recent Solar Projects

Residential Property - Hallett Cove, SA

Shortly after purchasing the property, the owner came to us as he was looking for options to reduce his high electrical bill and wanted black out protection. 

We installed;

  • 14.11kW Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO Solar Panels. Being close to the ocean, we selected a Solar Panel that had salt water corrosion protection within their warranty document.
  • Installed Sungrow Hybrid Inverter with 9.6kWh Battery Storage
  • Installed Black Out Protection to Power and Lighting Circuits
  • Completely Upgrade Internal Sub Board.

Residential Property - Flagstaff Hill, SA

This customer expressed concern about installation due to pool heating already being on their roof. 

We installed;

  • A 8.715kW Q Cell and Fronius System
  • 21 x Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO 415W Panels installed around pool heating as requested. Not a simple design!
  • We also included a Fronius Primo Gen 24 6kW Hybrid Inverter which means a battery can be added later with modification required. 

A truly unique design which ensures this customer is truly battery ready, but in the meantime will enjoy immediate reductions in power bills associated with heating their swimming pool!

Commercial Property - Task Forklifts, Dudley Park, SA

This commercial installation took place at Task Forklifts, in Dudley Park, SA.

With an expected increase in business over the coming 2-3 years, Task Forklifts were aware that investing in solar now would allow them to become self sufficient in the near future.

We proposed a 39kW Solar System to combat their high daytime usage to their main factory and a 9.62kW Solar System on their second shed.

We installed;

  • 138 x REC 370W Solar Panels 
  • 2 x Fronius Symo 15kW 
  • 1 x Fronius Symo 8.2kW Inverter.

They are already over 85% self sufficient since install! 

Termimesh, Wayville, SA

Having completed Solar for Mr Fisher at his personal premise he recommended us to his Managers at Termimesh when they began looking into the viability of Solar for their warehouse. 
We installed;
  • 20kW of REC Solar Panels with Fronius Symo 20kW Inverter
  • Panels installed on mini tilt legs to maximise efficiency without taking up too much prime roof space. 
We now complete all of Termimesh Tag and Testing works.